New construction floors

New construction floors

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Mar 1st 2018

As you know by now, our goal is to make happy customers. And that's exactly what this job was all about. A customer came to us who was getting ready to build a new home. They had used a different flooring company in the past but unfortunately didn't get what they expected out of the job. Because of our industry experience and reputation in Northeast Ohio, the customer approached us and asked if we would work with their builder and manage the flooring work in their new construction home. Of course!

wide angle kitchen

We worked closely with the builder as well as the new homeowner. We helped them choose a flooring style that suited them but was also durable since we were installing the floors in the main areas of the home -- the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and basement. It was important to also choose a style of floor that complemented the style of the house.

We ended up installing Krauss hickory hardwood. We used 6.5" wide planks in an auburn finish. The depth of the wood truly brings out the beauty in this home.

hardwood kitchen

hardwood bedroom

hardwood attic

Do you have a new or existing home and are thinking of installing hardwood floors? Contact us today and we can visit your home for an estimate!