Hardwood floors: which sheen is best for me?

Hardwood floors: which sheen is best for me?

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Jul 24th 2018

We install hardwood floors all the time, and for those homeowners who have site-finished hardwood floors installed in their homes, the biggest question for them is: which sheen should we go with?

There is no right or wrong answer, really. It has a lot to do with personal preference and a little to do with your lifestyle.

Hardwood floor with table

Gloss finished hardwood flooring obviously offer the most shine and will also reflect the most light. Glossy floors tend to show every particle that lands on it (so you'll need to be pretty diligent in cleaning up after yourself or your loved ones!).

Semi-gloss finishes offer some shine and reflect some light, very similar to what you know about semi-gloss paint. It tends to be a happy medium, especially for people who are not sure what they want.

Satin or matte finished hardwood floors have very little shine and don't reflect much light at all. People who have very active households tend to choose this finish because it shows scratches and wear much less than floors with gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

When you purchase a factory-finished floor from us, you are limited on the sheen available for the material you choose. But, keep in mind, all sheens offer the same protection for your floor; this is truly an aesthetic decision.

Our experts have all the knowledge about wood species and sheens and can recommend choices for you that will best fit your style and lifestyle. Our in-house designers can help you too. Stop in to one of our four locations to see the different choices we have to help you fall in love again... with your home!