Consistent Floor Flow Throughout a House

Consistent Floor Flow Throughout a House

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Dec 19th 2017

finished hardwood floor

Santa came early for our customer this year! We were approached to refresh the entire first floor flooring in this Northeast Ohio home.

Our customer came to us with 8 different flooring materials on their first floor. They decided it was time to replace it all and have a uniform look throughout the house. Having uniform flooring throughout a home can lend it to look larger and also well-planned. Many homes in Northeast Ohio over the years have had additions put on -- people love living in their neighborhoods but outgrow their house. Instead of moving, they put additions on, but flooring isn't always at the forefront of their design process.

With that said, this customer not only had 8 different types of flooring throughout the first floor of the house, but there were also different level floors from where an addition met the original house.

Our team leveled the concrete where the addition met the original house and also ripped out all previous flooring. We installed 7" wide engineered hardwood floor throughout the entire first floor creating a consistent flooring flow.

Last, our team created a 12' wide step down that mimicked the shape of the grand piano that sits in their living room. Did we mention we love consistency? We do. And so do our customers.

What do you think of this updated look? Check out the before, during and after pictures below!

kitchen before

concrete removal

concrete refinishing

concrete refinishing 2

hardwood over concrete

hardwood over concrete 2

hardwood on step

step sideview

step nearing completion

finished step

step looking into dining room

living room