LifeGuard Carpet is your Answer to Perfect Plush Floors

Posted by Calvetta Bros. Floor Show on Jun 17th 2019

As you know by now, vinyl plank flooring is a great solution to lifeproof flooring. It's resilient, waterproof, soundproof and comes in a variety of styles to fit any look. But did you know there is a carpet alternative for those people who don't want hard surface in most of their home?

Shaw Floors offers LifeGuard which has many similar properties that we know and love with LVP. 


- Are Easy to Clean

- Reduces Odors

- Are Pet-Approved

- Provide a Cleaner Home

- Are Worry Proof

- Are Great for an Active Family

LifeGuard Spill-proof Backing provides complete cleanup protection by keeping spills and odor-causing pet accidents from soaking through the pad and subfloor.

And guess what? If you don't choose one of our many options of Shaw carpets that have LifeGuard built in, not to worry. The carpet padding we use is has Spillguard which is a moisture-proof film that is applied to the surface of your carpet pad to repel spills. Since the spill cannot seep into the carpet pad, it is lifted to the surface of the carpet and can be easily booted and wiped away. This helps prevent sub-floor damage as spills can't seep in and it prevents smells from occurring as long as you clean your carpet appropriately! 

Talk with your sales rep to learn more about hard surface or carpet that are protected against life's mistakes.