Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors at Calvetta Bros. Floor Show

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors at Calvetta Bros. Floor Show

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Apr 30th 2018

We are seeing more and more customers ask for luxury vinyl planks (LVP) for their homes, and it's really no surprise considering the many benefits it has -- especially to active homes!

LVP by barstool

Some of the reasons our customers love luxury vinyl planks is because of its visual appeal. Because of the manufactured-nature of this type of flooring, companies can ensure the floors they create mimic those of hardwood or stone, using textures and different surfaces, that many people oftentimes can't tell the difference from the real thing.

LVP is also softer than other floors, which means it's more resilient than other types of floors on the market. Luxury vinyl is generally thicker than traditional vinyl flooring due to added layers manufacturers have discovered give the floor longer and more durable life. Because of added layers, luxury vinyl planks make it scuff, stain and scratch resistant! Do you have pets? This would be great for you. And because of the added layers, it makes LVP very quiet.

Another added benefit of luxury vinyl is that it is resistant to water damage which means it can go in areas of your home that hardwood can't -- like basements or any other room that may have a lot of spills.

LVP takes professional flooring installation for proper wear and tear. Our team at Calvetta Bros. has been installing this type of flooring since it came to the market. And while you may sometimes see a higher upfront price point of LVP, the long-term cost of maintenance is very low. And now until May 12, you can save hundreds on Floorte at any one of our 4 locations!