Neutral colors create classic look

Neutral colors create classic look

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Aug 17th 2018

We were approached by our long-time customer to update the carpet and paint on the second level of their home. The carpet they wished to replace were the colors that take you back to the late 80s and early 90s -- think dark greens, blues and reds.

Not only was it time for a refresh, but this couple is also planning on selling their home soon. Creating rooms with neutral tones gives off a classic look that appeals to most people (and buyers!). bed with seat

Like you've read about in previous blog posts, utilizing the same flooring throughout a space creates a more uniform look and flow throughout the house. So we replaced the green, blue and red carpets throughout the bedrooms with the same color carpet. It freshened up the space while also adding a nice contrast to the dark wood floors that lays throughout the hallways between the rooms.

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Sometimes less is more, and that's exactly the case with this carpet update. The current homeowners have definitely fallen in love again with their home, and we're confident the new homeowners will love it too.

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