Updated floors and kitchen in Westlake home

Updated floors and kitchen in Westlake home

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Sep 10th 2018

Completely changing the look of one's home is something we LOVE to do. When our customer came to us after recently purchasing a home, we were ecstatic she wanted us to upgrade her floors to something durable and elegant. When discussing her wants and needs in her newly-purchased home, she expressed interest in renovating her kitchen as well. With a full-time job and a new house on her hands, she loved the idea of the team at Calvetta Bros. managing the entire process from start to finish. She didn't need to interview one contractor or deal with one appointment. We handled everything so she could focus on her career and decorating her house (that's the fun part, right?!).


kitchen island before counter before living room before

While we kept the layout of her kitchen, we ripped out everything due to it either being outdated or falling apart. We replaced the laminate countertops with quartz and installed a beautiful glass range hood above her stove. The look of the entire kitchen is clean, crisp and bright.

stove with backsplash

kitchen island after

We also removed carpet and outdated laminate floors throughout the house and installed luxury vinyl floors. Keeping with one flooring type throughout a home creates continuity and a seamlessness that homeowners love. Each room flows into the next.living room with LVP

living room after

Take a look at the befores and afters and let us know if these updates were well worth it. We think so!