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Our philosophy when providing flooring never changes: to provide the best solutions for any given lifestyle or situation. And that holds true for our work with commercial flooring, just as it does residential. The team at Calvetta Bros. Floor Show understands that your office or commercial building may need an update, but that doesn’t mean your business can afford a lot of downtime while work is being done. That’s why we work as quickly as possible, even on the weekends, to make sure your work is uninterrupted by our work.

Calvetta Bros. specializes in not only making sure your commercial flooring choice is aesthetically correct for your project and durable enough to withstand people coming in and out, but we also employ a team of people to install your flooring for you so you can rest assured the job will be done right by the right people.

We have done work in commercial settings such as tenant improvement, hospitality, corporate, education, health care, new construction and in partnership with residential builders.

The commercial flooring side of Calvetta Bros. Floor Show provides services to customers like general contractors, general managers, property managers, architects, business owners, schools and government offices.

We understand the ins and outs of working with national specs and have access to national pricing. And because of the software programs we use, we can turn around estimates very quick, thus getting the job done faster than our competitors.

Email us about our special builder pricing programs or to discuss your commercial flooring need.

In addition to all the flooring brands we carry in our showrooms and catalogs, we carry many commercial lines. Some of which are:

  • Shaw Contract
  • Mannington Commercial
  • Mohawk Commercial
  • J&J