The holidays are upon us and we’re here to give you tips to make your house ready for entertaining and any potential houseguests you may have. The holidays can be stressful enough with making sure you don’t burn the turkey (or that it doesn’t take 3 more hours to cook than you planned!), that the weather cooperates for travels, or even that everyone behaves in the company of one another – so these simple tips will help with your prep so you can check a few things off your to-do list.

Make the Outside of Your Home Welcoming

Oftentimes hosts only think about the inside of their house when getting ready for guests, but we’re here to tell you to not neglect your outdoors! You don’t have to decorate for whichever holiday you’re hosting, but cleaning up the walkway of any type of debris will not only make the front of your home look flawless but it will also prevent your guests from tripping on anything that might be in the way.


Clear Space in your Closet or Hall Tree

Remember when you were a kid and everyone threw their coat on the guestroom bed when you had visitors? We love tradition, but that’s one we’d like to forget. Not to mention, you might be having overnight guests, so make sure you clear space in a hall closet or hall tree. Make your guests feel like they belong and not just that are there for a few hours (even if they are!).

Create a Nest for your Guest

If you’re having overnight guests, make them feel like they’re at home. Welcome them in the guest room with necessities that will make for a cozy stay. We suggest things like a reading light, a cozy blanket, and a basket with snacks and water.


Put Thought into Your Table

We know that everyone cares about the good stuff – the food that you’re serving for your holiday meal – but why not make it a beautiful experience and dress your table like you dress yourself? Think of your table as one more family member and you want it to look its best.

Light it Up

Candles not only create a romantic feel, but with the right scent for the season, it’s one more element to add to your holiday decorating. Decorating doesn’t have to just be for the eyes. Your guests’ eyes and noses will thank you. Just make sure you blow them out before you’ve had too much wine.


Do you have any other holiday decorating tips you’d like to share with fellow Calvetta customers?