hardwood floor by stairs
hardwood floor in living room
hardwood floor being stained

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

At Calvetta Brothers Floor Show, our hardwood floor refinishing experts treat your floor as if it were our own.  We restore scuffed, scratched, faded and worn wood floors to their original finished beauty.  Our team takes pride in their work and in their ability to answer your questions.

We use a 4-day process that includes:

  • Sanding
  • Buffing
  • Staining
  • Sealing with three coats of polyurethane

...We also remove scratches

Our equipment is all vacuum assisted to contain sawdust at every step. We will leave your home as clean as commercially possible. All corners and edges are hand scraped and sanded for a job done right. Calvetta Brothers Floor Show is known for our personal attention to every detail, creating the richest and most beautiful floors in northeastern Ohio.

Call Casey Calvetta at 216-662-5550 or Lyndon Kahn at 216-338-6378 today for your hardwood floor refinishing needs.