We often get asked if our customers should have hardwood floor or engineered floor installed into their home. It’s a great question, and frankly, the answer lies within the type of household you have and where the floors are being installed. We can give you some insight into the benefits of each type of floor. Regardless of what flooring type you choose, we have many options to suit any style home. And the benefits of working with us are we carry the product in each of our four locations and employ all of our installers… so we stand behind our work!


Hardwood floors are thick and because of that, can be refinished time and time again. Just purchased a century home? No problem! Keep those hardwood floors and refinish them (we can do that, too)! Or are you remodeling a room or building a house? Never worry about having to reinstall floors again.

Because hardwood floors are 100% natural, they expand and contract with weather changes. Due to this, they are not installed in any room that has a lot of moisture – like a basement or full bathroom.


Engineered wood floors contain natural wood, but also contain either plywood or a layer of hardwood veneer. And because it has different properties than that of 100% natural wood floor, engineered wood floor is less likely to expand or contract due to humidity and weather changes. What does that mean for you? Engineered wood floor can be installed in basements and full bathrooms without having the issues hardwood floor can have in these areas of your home.

Engineered wood floors can be refinished a few times, but not nearly as many times as hardwood floors since they’re not solid wood all the way through.

Overall, hardwood floors and engineered wood floors are both beautiful and timeless. Here’s a snapshot of engineered wood floors we installed in an entire first floor and basement of a home right here in Northeast Ohio.