A lot of customers come to us when they have water damage in their basement or other places in their home. In this instance, we were approached by Beach House Condominiums in Rocky River, Ohio because of major water damage in their lower level party room.

When we met with our customer, we discussed their wants and needs and came to the collective conclusion that putting luxury vinyl planks in their shared space was the best option for many reasons: it’s scratch resistant and can withstand a lot of use and still look pristine; it’s waterproof and because this party room is ground level right on Lake Erie, it tends to get some water in heavy Nor’easters; and it has the look of solid hardwood floors which gives it a timeless and traditional look so this condominium complex doesn’t have to worry about updating their floors for many, many years.

In addition to replacing their old laminate with new Mannington luxury vinyl planks, we also worked with the condo board and decided to install new LED lights in this shared space. Because LED lights are much smaller than traditional lights, we were able to raise their ceilings 6″ in most of the party room. We left lower ceilings in the left and right side nooks to create a cozy atmosphere for those specific areas while opening up the main part of the space.

And, as a testament to these floors being waterproof, Beach House condominiums has already experienced one Nor’Easter since the floors have been installed and it was easy for them to sweep the water out of the room from where it crept in under the door thresholds. And with no damage, curled up or buckled floors!

Creating usable spaces is what we love to do — from ceilings to floors there’s nothing we cannot do to update, freshen up and even open up a space. All 48 condo owners are happy to call this party room and extension of their living space as it creates a home away from home with it’s warm, cozy feel.