DreamWeaver Cameo 60 oz. INSTALLED with Padding

$3.99 sq. ft.


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100% PureColor Solution-Dyed BCF Polyester, so the color is permanent

PureColor fiber uses 30% less energy, emits 42% less green house gases and takes 87% less water to produce

PureColor resists staining from red wine, ketchup, grape juice and pet stains

PureColor fiber will not bleach from spot cleaning, fade from prolonged exposure to sunlight or wear off, even in high traffic areas

Soilshield adds extra protection to the fiber, making it easier to vacuum soil and remove dirt


Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty

Lifetime Fade Resistance Warranty

Lifetime Pet Stain Resistance Warranty 

15-year Soil Resistance Warranty

15-year Abrasive Wear Resistance Warranty

15-year Texture Retention Warranty

15-year Manufacturing Defects Warranty


Made in the U.S.A.

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