After speaking with three Cleveland contractors, our customer came to us and asked us to remodel their upstairs guest bathroom. When we asked them what made them ultimately choose us because we knew they were talking with other companies, the answer came down to 3 things:

  1. They’ve worked with us in the past and knew and loved our work
  2. We were priced competitively
  3. We are a one-stop shop (our customer was turned off at the idea of having to shop at various places for different pieces and parts for their new bathroom)

After meeting with our customer, they told us they wanted to update their outdated guest bathroom from a 1990s feel to something more modern. They were hoping for something simple and bright. After meeting with our interior designer at our Westlake location, Michelle, she took note of everything they were hoping to accomplish in their new space and went to work. She came back to the couple with 4 different design options to choose from, which made the process extremely easy for this couple.

As you can see, whites and grays were used in the design to keep with the simple and bright look the couple was going for. Clean, straight lines were used to modernize the bathroom from the 90s feel it had before. Quartz countertops were used as well as ceramic tiles on the floor and in the shower stall.

Our customer is extremely happy and already talking about renovating their master bathroom. We truly love helping people fall in love again… with their homes!