Cleaning engineered hardwood floors

Cleaning engineered hardwood floors

Posted by Calvetta Brothers on Apr 9th 2018

How do I clean engineered hardwood flooring?

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We get this question a lot so we thought we’d do you a solid (pun intended! We love floor puns) and provide the answer here.

The most important part of cleaning engineered wood floors is to KEEP them clean. What do we mean by that? If there is debris of any kind – little pebbles or particles – on your floor, you’ll want to remove them on a regular basis. Keeping loose debris like this on your floor can cause scratches when walked on and refinishing engineered floors isn’t a common practice (for a few reasons) like it is with solid wood.

Don’t pick up the debris with anything that’s going to move the debris around – like a broom or anything. We recommend sucking up with particles with a extension on your vacuum. That way it’s not moving around any more on your floors.

Once you’ve picked up all loose particles, all you really need for your frequent cleanings is a damp mop. While engineered wood can get moist (as you’ve learned on other blog posts), you don’t really want to get it super wet because it could still warp the floor if it’s saturated.

Every once in a while, do a deep clean with a cleanser that is safe for engineered hardwood. The bottle will say if it’s okay to use on engineered floors.

And simply by taking these steps, you’ll ensure you have a clean, beautiful-looking floor for years to come!