How to protect your floors in the winter

How to protect your floors in the winter

Whether you have carpeting, hardwood floors, tile, or vinyl, winter can wreak havoc on just about any surface. Snow, salt, mud, and excess moisture makes the thought of keeping your floors clean seem impossible.At Calvetta Brothers, we know a thing of two about maintaining your floors so they look good-as-new for years after installation. Follow these helpful tips to make sure your home is protected all winter long.

Use Doormats and Rugs

Doormats and rugs aren’t just great for adding a touch of decorative flare to your entryways and mudrooms, they are also phenomenal for protecting your flooring from everyday wear and tear.

As winter sets in, consider throwing down a handful of rugs throughout the high traffic areas of your home. This added layer of protection in hallways, kitchens, entryways, and back doors will reduce the amount of weather damage that can negatively impact your floors.

Not only are rugs and doormats great for protecting the quality of your floors, but they also help avoid serious injury. Tile, vinyl, and stone floors tend to get slippery when wet. Having something around to soak up excess moisture can significantly lessen the chance of slips and falls.

Use a No-Shoe Policy

Family dinners, holiday get-togethers, and cozy nights in with friends are some of the best parts of winter. Damaging your floors; however, is never fun. If you are serious about protecting your floors this winter season, consider having a no-shoe policy when friends are over. Leaving shoes at the door will help avoid unsightly heel scratches and skid marks from heavy winter soles.

Another important step to remember is to keep those discarded shoes all in one place. Once your guests have taken their boots off, have a shoe tray standing by. These convenient plastic liners are great for catching melting snow and avoiding damaging salt stains.

Wipe Dirty Paws

In the summertime, your four-legged friend might love to burn off some energy by running in and out of the house. In the winter, however, that same activity can cause serious damage to your floors.

If you have pets that love to go play in the snow, make sure to keep a towel by the door. Clean their paws each time they come in the house to protect your carpets and floors from damaging moisture and debris.

Sealants and Coatings

One of the best ways you can protect your floors in the winter is with a sealant. These semi-permanent floor coatings are used to reduce the amount of day-to-day wear and tear that can negatively impact a variety floor surfaces. Sealants can also be used to fill in existing imperfections like scratches, cracks, and dents as well as preserve the grout and adhesives that was used to install your floors.

If you have carpeted floors, don’t worry. Sealants aren’t just for hard surface floors. There are stain protectants made specifically for carpeting. you can use to safeguard against a variety of stains, spills, and water damage.

Clean Frequently

It may not be fun to hear, but the best way to protect your floors from damage this winter is to institute a regular cleaning schedule. Frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning will help avoid dust and dirt from scratching your floors and permanently settling into your carpets.

Additionally, if you have hardwood floors you will want to wipe up spills and other liquid messes quickly. This can help avoid moisture soaking in between your floorboards and causing damage such as warping and splitting.

Finally, make sure you double check that you are using the appropriate cleaner for your floors. Some chemicals may work well for cleaning things like tile grout but may seriously damage other flooring materials like wood or carpeting. Always double check the label to avoid mistakes.

Hire Professional Cleaners

If you don’t have the time to clean your floors yourself, you can always work with a professional to get them looking good as new. Calvetta Bros. Floor Show has been refinishing hardwood floors and cleaning carpets for years in an effort to provide full-service solutions to our customers and help them get the most out of their flooring investment.

For hardwood floors, Calvetta Bros. can restore scuffed, scratched, faded and worn wood floors to their original beauty. As for carpeting, our experts will come to you and get your carpet looking as beautiful as ever with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

At Calvetta Brothers, we pride ourselves in our personal attention to every detail. If you’re ready to transform your home, contact us. Whether it is floor installation or cleaning and refinishing your existing floors, we are here to help you fall in love with your home again.