Navigating Hardwood Floor Options

Navigating Hardwood Floor Options: What's Trendy Now?

The simplicity of hardwood flooring is second to none when creating a homey and pleasant atmosphere. Let us examine the most recent developments in hardwood flooring to guide you in the choice-making process.

Wide Plank Floors

Wide plank floors offer a sense of luxury into a space. Approximately 6 inches, these boards offer a natural beauty that best fits into modern homes.

Sustainable Hardwood

Sustainable hardwood is a perfect choice for homes. Bamboo and recycled wood offer a great look while remaining eco friendly.

Rich and Warm Tones

Warmer colors are stealing the place of gray and white washed interior designs. Honey, warm brown tones, and copper have been on the rise in the market. These options offer a comforting ambiance to homes.

The Matte Finish

High-gloss floors are slowly being removed for matt surfaces that appear more understated and have natural textures. Matte finishes do a wonderful job of hiding damage and imperfections; therefore, they are a very practical option for families leading busy lives.

Innovative Installation Patterns

Today, there are no ordinary narrow floors. Interestingly, homeowners have been very creative With the advent of the herringbone, chevron, and mixed-width patterns. These layouts create the impression of a beautifully designed floor that might make it the focus of your room.


When choosing a parquet floor, one should consider both beauty and functionality. Whether you prefer the sustainable choice of bamboo or the enduring classic beauty of wide plank oak, you will surely find some hardwood flooring that is exactly what your home needs.