What is the best carpet for the money?

What is the best carpet for the money?

A lot of people ask us what the best carpet is for the money. Frankly, the answer depends on how the room that the carpet is getting installed in is being used. Is it a high-traffic room where the family gathers a lot? Or a hallway that gets a lot of foot traffic? Or is it for a house that you're looking to sell? Or maybe the carpet is for a rental property? We can answer all those questions for you!

What is the best carpet for the money for a high-traffic area?

If you are looking to stay in your home and you're having carpet installed in a room, or a few rooms, that get a lot of foot traffic, you want a carpet with low-pile or a loop carpet. And the fibers matter, too -- wool carpets are great for high foot traffic as are nylon carpets. Both are pretty good at resisting stains and are durable, so they can withstand all the feet going back and forth on them! 

What is the best carpet for selling a house? 

We offer a lot of beautiful-looking carpet at a low cost for when you're looking to put your home on the market. Most times when people are looking to sell their home, they don't want to invest too much into it because they'd rather keep that money for their new home. Installing neutral carpet is extremely important when you're looking to sell your home. Home buyers do not want to see purple or teal carpet when they enter your home during an open house. You can find carpet for a home you want to put on the market for $2.99/sf installed! 

What is the best carpet for a rental property?

Carpet for a rental property could be categorized the same as the carpet for putting your home on the market. You don't want to invest too much (depending on the type of rental property you have) because you might be replacing the carpet in a year. Install something neutral that does well with a lot of foot traffic and stains, because if you can avoid replacing carpet after each tenant leaves, that will keep some money in your wallet! A nylon would be your best bet in this instance -- something in a darker neutral tone to hopefully hide some stains that will inevitably come with having people live in your property.

There are so many carpet choices out there that you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for. If you have any questions, give us a call! We can answer any carpet question you may have! 216-662-5550 -- we are the carpet experts of Cleveland!